Blood Drive – February 1st


Sign up for our Heartland Blood Drive and take the first step!

Cross of Glory Lutheran Church

(14719 W. 163rd St. Homer Glen, IL 60491)

03:00 PM – 07:00 PM

Please click to schedule your preferred donation time!

Who Can Donate?

GENERAL: The donor must be in good health and feeling well.

AGE: At least 17 years of age. 16 year olds are eligible provided they have written approval from a parent/guardian.

WEIGHT: 110 pounds or more.

DIET: It is recommended to eat something within the four hours prior to the donation.

COLD OR FLU: Fever, persistent cough, sore throat or chest congestion disqualifies a donor.

INTERVAL BETWEEN BLOOD DONATIONS: Must be eight (8) weeks between regular whole blood donations. Waiting period must be sixteen (16) weeks after double red cell apheresis: seven (7) days after platelet apheresis.

MEDICATIONS: Donors taking medications may be deferred from donating due to their underlying medical condition. Check with the Heartland staff for acceptability.

TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE U.S.: Travel to certain parts of the world may be cause for deferral. Check with the Heartland staff to determine eligibility.

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