The Welcome Place Preschool

The Welcome Place Preschool is a loving, learning environment where ALL children are welcome.

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SCHOOL DESCRIPTION: The Welcome Place Preschool is a ministry of Cross of Glory Lutheran Church and was established in 2002. Our mission, vision, guiding principles, philosophy and methodology spring from those which guide our congregation. And at the very heart of this faith community is a commitment to being a welcome place for all people. Therefore, all children are welcome at The Welcome Place Preschool, regardless of religious affiliation, race, color, sex, natural and ethnic origin. We commit ourselves to offering a loving learning environment to all of God’s children.

OUR MISSION: We believe that preschool children learn best in a loving  environment through exploration and play. Therefore each child is encouraged to choose from a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. The child’s learning is guided by his or her own active curiosity. Preschool is a time for social interaction with peers and adults, problem solving, experimentation, creative expression, decision making, large and small muscle development, manipulation and exploration of their world where we help facilitate, motivate and stimulate their learning.


  • An appreciation for their own uniqueness and that of each individual.
  • Promote social, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development.
  • The education and social skills they need to succeed in future educational experiences.
  • To create a nurturing and encouraging environment full of warmth and security.
  • To spend 2 1/2 to 3 hours using imagination and exploration in an unplugged environment.
  • To facilitate an excitement towards a lifelong love of learning.

DAILY ACTIVITIES:  Each Day at The Welcome Place Preschool will include: prayer, healthy snacks, educational centers that include math, science and language arts, music, art, story time,  dramatic play, and small and large motor activities including a yoga class held weekly.

CLASS SIZES: Our class size will ensure that each child receive special and individual attention. There will not be more than 10 students per teacher.   

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