Angel Tree Update

Update…Our Angel Tree Names are all Gone! Thanks to all of you who participated in our angel tree this year. Because of your generosity, we’re helping over 280 local kids have a better Christmas this year.

Our annual Advent tradition of buying Christmas gifts for kids is back. Like the last two years, you can select names online or you can grab names off the tree in the Welcome Room at Cross of Glory. It  includes kids from DCFS and Fairmont School. They are all marked but, FYI, the DCSF kids are the first 129 and the Fairmont kids are 130 and above. Most of the names are also on the tree at COG but more will go up when we have room.

And this is really important: For DCFS kids the limit is $50; however, if you’re buying a gift for a Fairmont child, please spend no more than $25.  Thanks so much everyone for your help!!!! 

Please take a name or two and help make this a better Christmas for some local kids. And because we have so many this year, we’re going to need lots of help from the community. So please share the link with your friends, family and co-workers — this is such a great way to really enjoy the holiday season.

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