Becoming a Member

Everyone is Welcome

Including and welcoming everyone at Cross of Glory is one of our guiding principles. We reach out to welcome everyone because that’s what Jesus did. He gathered people who had been excluded; he ate with people who had been labeled unacceptable; he made welcome all who desired to hear his word.

Everyone is welcome at Cross of Glory to participate in all parts of ministry here. All are invited to participate in worship: to sing, to read and hear God’s Word, to share God’s holy meal in Communion. Bible studies are available to everyone. Everyone is welcome at all social events (fellowship) and everyone is welcome to participate in volunteer service.

Those who are ready to take a commitment step, to grow deeper in faith and practice, who are ready to become disciples of our Lord may choose to become members.

Membership is a decision to commit to supporting this church: to pray regularly, to participate in worship, to support the mission in the world by participation and contribution. Members are committed to strengthening and growing our ministries and our congregation. Members not only participate in ministry and fellowship events, they invest in making them successful – often by helping to organize, staff, and publicize them. Most importantly, though, members are committed to being disciples of Jesus. Members seek to grow in their faith and understanding. Members invite others to explore their own faith journey, often by inviting them to participate here at Cross of Glory. Members orient their lives toward God.

Because of legal structure of this (and every) church, it is members who vote in church elections and who serve on Council, helping to connect various ministries in one cohesive mission. 

Those who are ready to learn more meet with Pastor and another church leader for about an hour in a class offered several times a year. You may attend the class to learn about membership, and then decide whether you would like to be included as a member. The class gives a brief account of what Christians, specifically Lutherans, believe; a short background of this congregation; and an overview of ways to participate in ministry. Members are welcomed during our regular Sunday worship.

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