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Feb 28: Annual Meeting at 10:30 am

2021 Annual Meeting — Sunday, February 28, at 10:30

Please join us for our annual meeting on Sunday, February 28 at 10:30 (right after worship). Our chili cook-off is on hiatus this year, but we’ll still have a fun time as we look back on all that God accomplished at Cross of Glory in 2020. We’ll also discuss and vote on our 2021 budget, elect council members and do some other other church business. We’re still working on the format, but hope to do a combination of in-person and zoom. Our quorum is 12, but we’re hoping we’ll have a lot more people than that.

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2018 Annual Report

Cross of Glory 2018 Annual Report

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Special Congregational Meeting

On Sunday, August 12, a Special Congregational Meeting was held at Cross of Glory to discuss our  financial health, and to authorize Council to go beyond the approved budget to repair and seal the parking lot and to  replace one of the aging HVAC units.

Both motions passed overwhelmingly by voice vote.

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Brunch and Special Congregational Meeting – Sunday August 12

Join us after worship on  Sunday, August 12th for Brunch and a Special Congregational Meeting. When the service concludes, register for the meeting, grab a plate of food, and have a seat at a table. We need a quorum, so please stay for a few minutes.

Agenda Items:

  1. Financial Update
    1. Mortgage
    2. Upcoming Capital Campaign Required by Mortgage Holder
  2. Discuss and Vote on Unbudgeted Expenses
    1. Authorize Parking Lot  Repairs and Sealing
    2. Authorize Council to Repair/Replace HVAC Units

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2017 Annual Meeting Review

The Cross of Glory 2017 Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, February 11, 2018.

  • We had a Mardi Gras themed brunch
  • Four Council members were elected
    • Bill Bavirsha – Facilities (second term)
    • Samantha Barczi – Discipleship
    • Allen Kirkland – Outreach
    • Dennis Tanrikulu – Worship
  • The 2018 budget was approved

»Download Cross of Glory 2017 Annual Report

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2017 Annual Report

Cross of Glory 2017 Annual Report

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Who knew the Annual Meeting would be fun?!

Yes, the weather has been a bit…warm…lately. But on Sunday, February 12, Cross of Glory not only was transformed into an Hawaiian beach party, it also saw it’s Annual Meeting, conducted with all the colors in the rainbow.

The meeting was kicked off by the reading of last year’s minutes, which brought back a few memories if nothing else. Then we plunged into the heart of the meeting…grading Hawaiian shirts…no, voting in this year’s new CoG Council members! Voted in unanimously were Bill Bavirsha (Facilities), Mary Beth Randle (President/Outreach), Chris Quemeneur (Discipleship), Bill Nabors (Vice President/Finance), newly elected Maria Dziubczynski (Fellowship), and Barb Taskay (Secretary/Worship). Congratulations all! And good luck!

We reviewed 2016’s financials and took a gander at 2017’s budget as well. The meeting concluded with some discussions on how CoG will soon be visiting our communities to spread the word about our most-welcoming church.

Then…as in most CoG meetings, all attendees immediately retired to a brunch where we ate..and ate…and ate…and of course, discussed the meeting and upcoming year. Good luck to all in 2017!

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Annual Report for 2016

The 2016 Annual report for Cross of Glory is available.

Copies will be available at the annual meeting, reviewing this prior to the annual meeting will help keep the meeting shorter.

Click This to download —>>CoG Annual Report for 2016.

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Members Please Attend Annual Meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to elect our Congregation Council and vote to approve the budget. It is very important that all attend this meeting. If you have any questions regarding the meeting please contact the current council or pastor.

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