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Feb 28: Annual Meeting at 10:30 am

2021 Annual Meeting — Sunday, February 28, at 10:30

Please join us for our annual meeting on Sunday, February 28 at 10:30 (right after worship). Our chili cook-off is on hiatus this year, but we’ll still have a fun time as we look back on all that God accomplished at Cross of Glory in 2020. We’ll also discuss and vote on our 2021 budget, elect council members and do some other other church business. We’re still working on the format, but hope to do a combination of in-person and zoom. Our quorum is 12, but we’re hoping we’ll have a lot more people than that.

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Feb 21: New Member Sunday

If you are considering becoming a member of Cross of Glory, please contact Pastor Dana. We’ll celebrate our new members on Sunday, February 21.

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Feb. 14: In-Person Worship Resumed

Will County has moved back to Phase 4, so we are now able to worship in-person with up to 50 people. We resumed in-person worship at Cross of Glory on Sunday, February 14. Online worship will continue, so those feeling more comfortable staying home can do so.

Because we’ll be limiting the number of worshippers and taking other COVID precautions to make our worship experience as safe as possible, things won’t look exactly like they did last March. (Who remembers what things looked like last March anyway.) However, we can be certain of this – God will continue to show up big time! And, of course, that’s true regardless of whether you’re in the building or watching via Facebook or YouTube live. God always shows up!

While we’ll have to be flexible so we can adjust to changes in CDC and Illinois guidance, here’s an overview of what to expect:

  1. In order to reflect our love and care for each other, we will all be wearing masks. (Please put them on as you are leaving your car, and make sure they cover both your mouth and nose.)
  2. The maximum number of people we can have in the worship space is 50. Band, tech people, and helpers total about 15, so we can have 35 additional people for worship each Sunday. I don’t think that will be a problem long-term, but to make sure we don’t exceed the 35 person limit at the start, we’ll ask people to RSVP for the first few weeks. I was going to try something fancy, but it’s easiest to just email Pastor Dana O’Brien. Your email needs to include how many people will be worshipping in your group. The first 35 people who respond can attend in-person that Sunday. (I’ll send out a list later in the week.)
  3. If you have any COVID symptoms or have been recently exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID, please take care of yourself and others by staying home and participating online.
  4. When you enter the building, we’ll have hospitality volunteers taking temperatures and escorting you to your socially distanced seats. (The plan is to have households sit together, but distanced from others. The worship space will be filled starting farthest from the doors and dismissed with those closest to the doors first.)
  5. You are invited to bring your own bread and wine for communion. (We’ll also have those little combined wafer and juice containers available – just like we used outside during the summer.)
  6. You can leave your offering in an offering box near the door of the worship space.
  7. I know lots of us want to hang around and chat after worship. But please do not do that in the building. Please wait until you are outside (and keep your masks on).

In order to make this work, we need 2-3 volunteers each Sunday to help welcome everyone, direct them to seats and take temperatures. This is a wonderful way to get back involved in worship. Don’t worry it’s easy. We’ll tell you everything you need to know and provide you with everything you’ll need. Please contact Dana O’Brien if you’d like to help. Remember, having enough hospitality volunteers is key if we’re going to worship in the building.

In addition to worshiping inside, we will continue to worship online via Facebook and YouTube every Sunday. These online options are great for anyone who for any reason can’t (or just isn’t ready to) come back to the building. (And given this really cold weather, staying at home and participating online may be the first choice for lots of people.)

These are still very challenging times, but I think we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, as more and more people get vaccinated, we’ll get this pandemic under control. And remember, this is also a great time to live as God’s church in this place. Let’s all take this opportunity to show God’s love to each other and to all those in our community who so need to hear about the God of grace and hope that we follow.

As always, please contact Pastor Dana O’Brien if you have any questions.

Click here for video explanation from Pastor Dana



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Feb. 7: Sermon on the Mount / Reconciling In Christ Sunday

Join us this Sunday, February 7, at 9:30, as we look at our fourth group of Essential Jesus readings. This Sunday we explore Jesus’ sermons, with a focus on the Sermon on the Mount, a concise description of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

It’s also Reconciling in Christ Sunday, so we’ll affirm our own Welcome Statement and explore what the Sermon on the Mount has to say about welcoming.

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Community Blood Drive – Thursday, February 4

Our next community blood drive is Thursday, February 4 from 2 to 7. The need is so great that we’ll have space for twice as many donors! This is a wonderful opportunity to help save lives by donating blood. (All blood donations will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies as part of the standard testing procedure.) We have lots of spots still open, so please sign up either by calling the office (708-301-6998) or online here. 

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The Essential Jesus Reading List – New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible

January 17 — Who is Jesus?

  1. Truth Beyond Facts: John 1:1-18
  2. Living Like Jesus: Philippians 2:1
  3. It’s All About Jesus—Colossians 1:15-23
  4. What is God Like? Hebrews 1:1-4
  5. The Big Church: 1 Peter 2:4-10


January 24 — The Need For a Savior

  1. It’s Sin! Genesis 3:1-24
  2. A Mixed Bag: Genesis 12:1-20
  3. We’re all in this Together: Psalm 14:1-7 (Follow-up: Romans 3:9-26)
  4. God is Against It: Amos 5:1-27
  5. It’s not Just an OT Issue: James 2:1-26


January 31 — The Beginning Ministry of Jesus

  1. This is My Son: Matthew 3:1-17
  2. Deliver Us From Evil: Luke 4:1-13
  3. Calling his Followers: Matthew 4:12-25
  4. Who’s He Think He Is? Luke 4:14-30
  5. With Authority! Mark 1:14-45


February 7 — The Sermons of Jesus

  1. The “New” Reality: Matthew 5:1-48
  2. Hungry For God: Matthew 6:1-34
  3. The Great Communicator: Matthew 7:1-29
  4. No More Mr. Nice Guy: Matthew 23:1-39
  5. The End: Matthew 24:1-51


February 14 — The Parables of Jesus

  1. Have Mercy! Luke 10:25-37
  2. Rich Toward God: Luke 12:13-21
  3. Happy Meal: Luke 14:1-24
  4. Sinners Welcome! Luke 15:1-32
  5. Uncommon Prayer: Luke 18:1-14


February 21 — More Parables of Jesus

  1. It’s Like…: Matthew 13:1-58
  2. The Generous Land Owner: Matt 20:1-16
  3. I Wanna Be Ready: Matthew 25:1-46
  4. One Way: John 10:1-18
  5. The Vineyard Church: John 15:1-17


February 28 — The Miracles of Jesus

  1. New Wine: John 2:1-11
  2. Fear Factor: Mark 4:35-41
  3. Miracle Meal: Matthew 14:22-33
  4. Seeing and Believing: Matthew 14:22-33
  5. Serious Fruit: Matthew 21:18-22


March 7 — More Miracles of Jesus

  1. Lord I Believe: John 9:1-41
  2. Band of Brothers: Luke 5:17-26
  3. Scary Story? Mark 5:1-20
  4. At His Feet: Mark 5:21-43
  5. Resurrection Power: John 11:1-45


March 14 — The Prayers of Jesus

  1. How Did Jesus Pray? Mark 1:29-39
  2. The Joy of Prayer: Luke 10:1-24
  3. The School of Prayer: Luke 11:1-13
  4. A Defining Prayer: John 17:1-26
  5. Pray Hard: Mark 14:32-42


March 21 — The Hard Sayings of Jesus

  1. Soul Food: John 6:25-71
  2. A House Divided: Mark 3:20-35
  3. Prayer Guarantee: John 14:1-14
  4. Serious Forgiveness: Matthew 18:15-35
  5. Get Serious: Mark 8:31-9:1


March 28 — The Crucifixion of Jesus

  1. Busted! Matthew 26:47-56
  2. Kangaroo Count: Matthew 26:57-68
  3. Courtyard Debacle: Matthew 26:69-27:10
  4. It’s All About You, Jesus: Luke 22:66-23:25
  5. Remember Me: Luke 23:26-56


April 4 (Easter) –The Resurrection of Jesus

  1. Resurrection Thriller: Matthew 28:1-20
  2. Gospel Power: Mark 16:1-20
  3. The Third Disciple: Luke 24:1-49
  4. Follow Me! John 20:1-21:25
  5. Fact and Hope: 1 Corinthians 15:1-58


April 11 — The Early Church of Jesus

  1. A Vision for the Emergent Church: Rev 1:1-20
  2. Unfaithful of Faithful? Revelation 2:1-11
  3. Hold On—Until I come: Revelation 2:12-29
  4. The Dead Church: Revelation 3:1-13
  5. Lukewarm for God: Revelation 3:14-22


April 18 — The Second Coming of Jesus

  1. The Greatest Sequel of All Time: Acts 1:1-11
  2. If I Should Die Before I Wake: 1 Thess 4:13-5:11
  3. Don’t Be Alarmed: 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12
  4. Waiting for…? 2 Peter 3:1-18
  5. Only the Beginning: Revelation 21:1-22:21


April 25 — Who is Jesus to You?

  1. The Rich Do-Gooder: Matthew 19:16-30
  2. The Bottom Line: John 3:1-21
  3. No More Shame: John 4:1-42
  4. Angry You Man: Acts 9:1-19
  5. The Essential Jesus Challenge: Luke 9:18-27

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2020 Christmas Worship

Cross of Glory Christmas Services

Christmas Eve Barn Service
Our annual barn service was online-only this year, but you’ll still hear the story of Jesus’ birth told in songs and readings – ending with a candlelight rendition of Silent Night.

Click Here for YouTube Video of Barn Service

Christmas Eve Parking Lot Service
We worshipped in the parking lot on Christmas Eve. We gathered on the east side of the lot with some cars in the grass on the east side of the building. Worshippers stayed in their cars and listened on the radio. At the end, we stepped outside to sing Silent Night by candlelight. 

Click Here for YouTube Video of 7:00 pm Service

Christmas Day Worship
Join us Christmas morning at 9:30. This is a casual fun service where we sing your favorite Christmas songs and celebrate Jesus’ birthday. We’ll be online on both YouTube and Facebook starting at 9:30.

Click Here for YouTube Video of Christmas Day Service

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2020 Year-End Matching Challenge

Once again this year, we have been challenged to give above and beyond our normal giving. Every dollar contributed to our year-end challenge will be matched dollar for dollar up to $6500 (note the increase from our prior $4000), and will be used to help us make up this year’s deficit and establish a financial cushion as we move into 2021. I know that it’s a tough year and we won’t all be able to contribute, but thank you all for your consideration and your generosity!

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Worship Service

Will County is currently subject to COVID mitigation restrictions. We respect that decision and have delayed our return to indoor worship. Please join us each week on YouTube or Facebook.

Pastor Dana O’Brien


Click here for the video on Cross of Glory Lutheran Church Facebook Page


Click here for the video on Cross of Glory Lutheran Church YouTube Channel

Other Services:

For other services posted online, click here

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Virtual Celebration of Life

There will be a virtual celebration of life service for Michael Sanders (Gloria’s husband and Tammy Kjos’ dad).

The service will be this Sunday, December 13 at 1 pm. (The service will be held at Cross of Glory, however, because of Covid restrictions, it is limited to immediate family.) However, it will also be live at 1 pm on our Cross of Glory Lutheran Church Facebook page and our Cross of Glory YouTube channel

Please keep Michael’s family in your prayers. 

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