Come Support Our Children’s Christmas Program!

On December 18, at our 9:30 service, Cross of Glory will be hosting a very special event, our Children’s Christmas Program! Whether your child is participating or not, you are ALL welcome to come and watch – and celebrate! – this wonderful program. And of course, stay for the service!

This year, our volunteer-in-charge is our own Jennie Hoffman. Taking on an event like this, with so many of our young folk, must be quite a challenge. How did Jennie become involved? “This is my third year with Kids Klub and helping with the Children’s program,” Jennie said. “The last two years were smaller programs, where the kids participated in an activity for the congregation.This year, Pastor Dana shared a play script that we are using.”

How many kids are involved and how often are practices? “We have 22 children in the play,” Jennie boasted, “The age ranges are fantastic as we range from four to 17! Frankly, we don’t practice enough! We’ve been practicing during Kids Klub, on Wednesday evenings and we will practice before church on Sunday.”

So how far off the reservation will the play be? Or will this be traditional? “No venturing this year…traditional story,” Jennie replied. “A traditional Christmas Story with an adorable group of kids. Sheep that are four and 15, twins that are the donkey and cow. We have three kings…Well maybe two kings and one queen. Our shepherds are teenagers, allowing the younger kids the opportunity to read. They are so proud and excited to lend a voice to this story. Their singing voices have been strong in practice, crossing fingers we don’t have a lot of stage fright!”

Can we look forward to the traditional songs?  “There will be several songs during the play: ‘Away in a Manger’, ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’, ‘We Three Kings’, and ‘Silent Night’.”

All Christmas programs have a baby Jesus story. Does Jennie have one to share? “We do have a Joseph that is ‘uncomfortable’ escorting Mary. Didn’t help the oldest boy (age 15…who is playing a sheep) commented a little on that situation!”

“I truly love the kids of our Church,” commented Jennie. “They are honest and curious. Very happy they have a program this year that is more involved!”

Besides Jennie, who gets the shout out for helping this year? This year’s program would not have happened without Carol Hruska and Chris Quenemeyer. Thanks all!


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