Cross of Glory Worshiping Outside until Nov. 1

Join us in the parking lot at Cross of Glory.

We will be following state recommendations…

Drive-in services involve congregants driving to a common location and worshiping together from their household vehicle, while listening to either a remote service or one that is broadcast through speakers. If done correctly, these types of services pose a low risk of infection. Maintain distance between cars so that there is more than six feet of distance between any group of congregants and another group of congregants – particularly if car windows are open. Restrooms should be regularly sanitized and have sufficient soap and hand sanitizer.

From Pastor Dana…

Hello everyone,

As we get ready to worship outside at the Cross of Glory building this Sunday, I’m sending you all the liturgy for Sunday’s worship. It includes all the spoken words and all the song lyrics. 

If you are planning to come and worship at the building, this attached document is essential. We do not have a screen outside, so you need to either copy the attached document and bring copies with you, or you need to download it and get it off your ipad or phone. We will not have copies available, so make sure you bring enough for everyone in your car. 

So remember, here’s what you want to bring:

        • A copy of the liturgy (AVAILABLE HERE)
        • a mask for everyone if you are coming out of the car (this is key — it is how we love our neighbor!!!)
        • your own chair if you’re coming out of the car
        • communion elements (bread and wine or juice)
        • wear a pride shirt or some other colorful shirt if you want to be in the video we’re creating after worship for Pride Month

Lots of grace and a sense of humor would be good too.  We’ll have people who will help you park (every other parking space). And if you are coming up front, please wear masks and socially distance — we’re shooting for 10 feet between groups because we are singing. 

I’m so looking forward to seeing your smiling faces (even if your smiles are behind masks). And if you’re just not comfortable coming to worship in person yet (or you are feeling at all sick and are staying home), that’s fine — you can join us live on our Cross of Glory Facebook page

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