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Thank you for your interest in giving to Cross of Glory.

Click here to set up one-time gift or schedule your giving

(For one-time gifts: enter amount in monetary gifts and offerings, for donation frequency select one time and click continue. The next page displays options for major credit cards or bank account information.)

Would you find it helpful to have your offerings drawn from your bank account as you do other monthly drafts?

Vanco Payment Solutions offers options designed to help you conveniently make payments to Cross of Glory. Your payments are made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account. You determine the frequency of your automatic payment – weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Your payment is deposited into Cross of Glory’s bank account on the same day it is withdrawn from your account.

Why Sign Up?

  • Convenience – Payment will still be made if you are out of town or on vacation.
  • Security – No checks are needed which means no lost or stolen checks.
  • Environmentally friendly – Save on checks, envelopes and postage.

How to Sign Up

There are two ways to sign up.

You can sign up online.  Click here to set up your online giving. 

 OR you can pick up information and authorization form from the Church Office, or download an authorization form which you can fill out and turn in to the church office.

Call the church office for further information (708) 301-6998.

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