RaiseRight Gift Card Fundraising

RaiseRight Gift Card Fundraising (formerly ShopWithScrip and Manna Express) is a program where you purchase gift cards at face value and Cross  of  Glory  receives  a  percentage from each gift card.

Why Do We Sell Gift Cards?

The money raised goes to support the mission and ministry of Cross of Glory.  There are cards for everyday and special occasion  purchases.  You can put your everyday shopping dollars to work and support CoG without spending additional money.

There are over 700 vendors. You can view the Vendors on the RaiseRight.com website.

How Does the Program Work?

There are different ways to order Gift Cards and eGift Cards or to Reload cards you already have. Select the option that works best for you.

  1. Order Gift Cards from our RaiseRight Coordinator (Cheryl Nabors)
    1. For those attending worship “in person”… Give your order to Cheryl Nabors along with a check or cash. The cards can be picked up at church the following week.
    2. For those worshipping online and living locally… Send an email to the RaiseRight Coordinator with a list of cards you want to purchase. The cards should be delivered within a week. When delivered, talk to Cheryl to arrange delivery and payment pay by check or cash.
    3. For those not in the Homer Glen area… Send an email to the RaiseRight Coordinator for information on ordering eGift Cards and Card Reloads.

  2. Create your free RaiseRight account in minutes. Contact our RaiseRight Coordinator for our enrollment code and setup a “Participant Account” with RaiseRight™. You can then place orders online using one of two payment methods.
    1. You can have funds taken from your bank account (immediate order)
    2. Choose the “Contact Your Coordinator” option (order approved/released by coordinator)
      • Contact our RaiseRight Coordinator
      • Make out a check to “Cross of Glory”
      • Give your check to the RaiseRight Coordinator.

Gift cards placed through the coordinator are added to the next CoG card order. If received by Tuesday, they should arrive by Friday and be available at church the next Sunday. Most eGift Cards and Card Reloads are sent immediately or within 24 hours. Please see or contact Cheryl Nabors to arrange to pick up cards and for any additional information.

Can I Really Make a Difference?

Below is a one month example of how your gift card purchases contribute to the ministries at Cross of Glory.

Monthly ExpenseUsing Gift Cards From…CoG Gets

Gasoline ($200):

Speedway (4%)


Groceries ($400)

Meijer (3%)

Jewel / Mariano’s / Pete’s (4%)


Breakfast / Lunch
Fast Food ($100)

Wendy’s (6.5%)

Burger King (4%)
Starbuck’s (4.5%)
Arby’s (8%)
Taco Bell(5%)
Red Robin (11%)



AMC Movies (8%)

Apple (5%)
Sling (7%)
Hulu (6%)


Dinner ($100)

Chili’s (11%)

Outback (10%)
Texas Roadhouse(8%)
Olive Garden (8%)


Miscellaneous ($200)

Kohl’s (4%)

Target/Walmart (2.5%)
Home Depot / Lowes (4%)
CVS (6%)
Walgreens (5%)

Amazon (1.7%)


A family with this spending pattern could “donate” $50 a month to Cross of Glory just by using gift cards – without spending an additional penny!

Resources / More Information

Order Forms are available here (and in the Welcome Room at Cross of Glory):
Full Page Form
Half Sheet Form

Downloadable Vendor Lists:
  By Category

Call the church office for additional information about RaiseRight Gift Card Fundraising at (708) 301-6998.

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