Capital Appeal Info – March 17

Each Sunday during worship, we pray for what God is doing through us and through this appeal. And then we send that prayer out via email so we can all be involved, even those of us who weren’t able to attend worship on Sunday. Here is this week’s prayer. We hope that you will make it a part of your devotional practice this week.

Gracious Lord, as we continue to move forward in our capital appeal, we thank you for the daily reminders of Your work that You have entrusted to us. Fill each of us with strength and focus to achieve all that You see for the future of your church. We also ask that You bless the land on which this building stands. May it continue to provide a place to gather for worship and fellowship in Your name. Amen.
Bill Bavirsha Speaks on what the Capital Appeal means to him – March 17, 2019

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