The Essential Jesus – Week 14 Readings & Questions

Attached is the list of readings for Week 14 of our Essential Jesus sermon series. 

Essential Jesus Readings – Week 14
April 18 – The Early Church and the Church Today 

  1. A Vision for the Church: Rev 1:1-20

John had a great vision here. What did you learn about God and Jesus in this passage? Does this change or enhance your idea of Jesus in any way?

  1. Unfaithful of Faithful? Revelation 2:1-11

The Lord has a special “word” for these two churches. How are they different? What does he urge on both? Would either of these be like your church?

  1. Hold On: Revelation 2:12-29

What does the Lord find commendable in these churches? What are his warnings to them? What does he urge them to do? What do you think he’d say to churches today?

  1. The Dead Church: Revelation 3:1-13

Jesus called the church at Sardis “dead.” Why do you think he said that? What makes a church really “dead” or “alive”? Can a “dead” church ever become “alive” again?

  1. Lukewarm for God: Revelation 3:14-22

What’s the Lord’s indictment against this church? Do you ever feel “lukewarm” toward God? How can a church (or person) become so deluded? How would you help it change?

Reflection Questions About These Readings:

  1. What do you normally think of when you think about the book of Revelation? Has your reading of Chapters 1-3 changed that in any way?
  2. If Jesus came to worship with your church, what do you think he would say? What messages might Jesus have for the churches in our country?
  3. Is it a good thing that the western church doesn’t face persecution? Is it harder/easier to remain faithful when congregants live in peace and prosperity?
  4. Do you think that Christians today have become too tolerant or too extreme? Why?
  5. How do you know if you are in a “dead” church? What should you do – stay and try to make it better or move on?
  6. Have you ever felt “lukewarm” in your relationship with God? Have you ever been in a church that felt that way? If so, what can you do to help your church “stay awake”?


And don’t forget:  Every Wednesday night we have a zoom bible study to look at the passages discussed in last Sunday’s sermon. On Wednesday, April 7, at 6:30 we’ll look at Jesus’ resurrection as described in the four gospels.


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