The Essential Jesus – Week 15 Readings & Questions

Attached is the list of readings for Week 15 of our Essential Jesus sermon series. 

Essential Jesus Readings – Week 15
April 25 – Jesus’ Second Coming 

  1. Old Testament Promises: Isaiah 11:1-9

Isaiah contemplates the coming of a peaceable kingdom. Do you hear Isaiah’s words in the context of Jesus’ life and God’s coming kingdom? If so, how?

  1. What Jesus Said: Luke 12:22-40

How, if at all, does Jesus’ call to not worry tie in with Jesus’ second coming? What does it mean to you that Jesus is coming at an unexpected hour?

  1. If I Should Die Before I Wake: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11

How might this passage encourage or assure you as you contemplate your own death or that of a loved one? How will you live as you await “that day”?

  1. All Creation is Waiting: Romans 8:18-27

What does Paul say about all creation waiting for redemption? How does this tie to Jesus’ promised return?

  1. Only the Beginning: Revelation 21:1-22:7

What do you think it will be like when God lives among us as this passage says? God will make all things new. What parts of your life and your world do you want to see made new?

Reflection Questions About These Readings:

  1. How would you respond to a friend who says, “Look, after two thousand years I think it’s safe to assume that Jesus isn’t going to come back. Maybe Jesus meant if as a figure of speech rather than a literal promise”?
  2. Have you ever run into a view of the end times that doesn’t seem to square with what the Bible says? What was it, and how did it compare with what you’ve read in these Essential Jesus readings?
  3. Some Christians say that in light of the return of Christ, the only thing that matters is evangelism, and that we shouldn’t waste too much time on things like peace, justice, poverty and the environment. What do you say?
  4. In what way does your view of the second coming of Jesus affect that way you live today?


And don’t forget:  Every Wednesday night we have a zoom bible study to look at the passages discussed in last Sunday’s sermon. On Wednesday, April 21, at 6:30 we’ll look at the early church as described in the letters to the seven churches in Revelation.  .


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