The Essential Jesus – Week 2 Readings & Questions

Attached you will find the list of readings for the second week of our Essential Jesus sermon series. The readings are all pretty short and they each come with a couple questions to help you process what you’ve just read. Some people read them all at once, while others spread them out over the week. Do whatever works for you.

Essential Jesus Readings – Week 2

January 24 – The Need for a Savior 

  1. It’s Sin! Genesis 3:1-24

What do you think was at the heart of Adam and Eve’s sin? What is most tempting to you? How do you show you take sin seriously?

  1. A Mixed Bag: Genesis 12:1-20

How does Abraham take a risk in following God? Why does he lie What challenges do they offer you? Why is it hard to be humble and have a servant spirit? What’s one thing you can do to imitate Jesus?

  1. We’re all in this Together: Psalm 14:1-7 (Follow-up: Romans 3:9-26)

What do both writers say about all people?  What is God’s answer? From where is God’s deliverance coming?

  1. God is Against It: Amos 5:1-27

Why is the Lord so angry with these people? Why might God be angry with people in our nation today? What could you try to do about that?

  1. It’s not Just an OT Issue: James 2:1-26

Do you see acts of favoritism in your congregation? How about you personally? How does James describe the relationship between faith and works?  Do you agree? Why or why not?

Reflection Questions About These Readings:

  1. How do you define sin? Do you think it’s the same way the Church defines it?
  2. Do you think the church and Christians generally focus to much on sin or not enough? Why?.
  3. How does it make you feel to know that God hates sin? How does it make you feel to know that God solved the sin problem God’s self?
  4. Do you think its’ fair to say that God has an “angry side”? Why or why not?
  5. Do you think it’s possible to understand the good news about salvation from sin without understanding the bad news about the ramifications of sin? Why or why not?


  1. It’s always better to read with others. If possible, try to find one or two other people to read and discuss the passages with you.
  2. Every Wednesday night, we have zoom bible study to look at the passages discussed in last Sunday’s sermon. This week we’ll discuss Week 1 readings.
  3. Additional information and links to other resources is on our Cross of Glory website. Check it out at

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