The Essential Jesus – Week 3 Readings & Questions

Attached you will find the list of readings for the third week of our Essential Jesus sermon series — The Beginning Ministry of Jesus. The readings are all pretty short and they each come with a couple questions to help you process what you’ve just read. Some people read them all at once, while others spread them out over the week. Do whatever works for you.

Essential Jesus Readings – Week 3

January 31 — The Beginning Ministry of Jesus

  1. This is My Son: Matthew 3:1-17

Who was Jesus revealed to be at this baptism? What do people you know think about who Jesus is? What do you think?

  1. Deliver us from Evil: Luke 4:1-13

Are you facing any temptations now? How did Jesus turn aside each of Satan’s temptations? How can that help you face and turn aside your temptations?

  1. Calling his Followers: Matthew 4:12-25

What do you learn here about how and whom Jesus calls as disciples? The disciples “left everything and followed him.” Have you responded to Jesus’ call? How?

  1. Who’s He Think He Is? Luke 4:14-30

Why do you think the people reacted so negatively to Jesus? Have you had such an experience in sharing your faith with your family and friends?

  1. With Authority! Mark 1:14-45

How did Jesus demonstrate his divine authority? What are some ways you and other Christians could help people you know to recognize Jesus’ authority today?

Reflection Questions About These Readings:

  1. Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness. Have you ever done something to help you get alone with God? What happened?
  2. Luke tells us that Jesus was tempted by the devil. Do you think the devil is active today? Why or why not?
  3. As Jesus began his ministry, he announced that people should repent because the Kingdom of God is near. What do you think he meant? What, if anything, does that mean today?
  4. What do you think Jesus’ disciples thought they would be doing when they left their fishing nets to follow him? What do you think it means to follow Jesus today?
  5. Note the similarities and differences between the way the gospel writers tell some of the same stories? Why do you think they tell some of the same stories a bit differently?



  1. It’s always better to read with others. If possible, it’s not too late to find one or two other people to read and discuss the passages with you.
  2. Every Wednesday night, we have zoom bible study to look at the passages discussed in last Sunday’s sermon. This week we’ll discuss Week 2 readings about sin and why we need a savior.
  3. Additional information and links to other resources is on our Cross of Glory website. Check it out at

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