The Essential Jesus – Week 8 Readings & Questions

Attached is the list of readings for this week of our Essential Jesus sermon series — this week we’ll look at more miracles of Jesus. All of these miracles deal with healings of one sort or another. Except for the last one, the readings are all pretty short, so I hope to get to most or all of them next Sunday. (As always, the readings come with some questions to help you process what you’ve read.)

Essential Jesus Readings – Week 8
March 7 – Healing Miracles of Jesus 

  1. Healing from a Distance: Luke 7:1-10

Why did Jesus commend the centurion’s faith? Here the faith of someone other than the sick person seems to be tied to the healing. What do you see as the connection?

  1. Band of Brothers: Luke 5:17-26

Jesus forgave the man’s sins before he healed him. What connection, if any, do you see between a person’s sin and their illness or disability? Is forgiveness always necessary?

  1. Scary Story? Mark 5:1-20

 Demon possession is often scoffed at today as “unscientific.” What do you think? Is it real? What does this parable tell you about Jesus’ power and authority?

  1. At His Feet: Mark 5:21-43

Jesus commends the faith of the woman and urges the men to “just believe.” What do you see as the connection between faith and being healed? Is faith always necessary?

  1. Resurrection Power: John 11:1-57

Why do you think Jesus took so long to go to Lazarus? What was the purpose of raising Lazarus? What do you think is the purpose of Jesus’ miracles today?

Reflection Questions About These Readings:

  1. Why do you think some people are skeptical about miraculous healings today? What’s your opinion? Why?
  2. Have you or someone close to you ever experienced what you would consider a miraculous healing? What happened?
  3. What’s you opinion about the possibility of demon possession today? Why?
  4. Why is it so significant that Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus from the dead? What did that signal to the religious leaders of that time? What does it mean for you?
  5. Have you ever prayed to God for yourself or someone you know to be healed and it didn’t happen? How has that affected your faith?


Remember: Every Wednesday night we have a zoom bible study to look at the passages discussed in last Sunday’s sermon. On Wednesday, March 3, we’ll look at Jesus’ miracles over nature.

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