Angel Giving Tree


(Please return the gifts by Sunday, Dec 15th.)


Each year we reach out to the community at Christmas with the Angel Giving Tree.  Currently, the Angel Giving Tree is on display in the church Welcome Room.  It has over 90 paper ornaments with the names of children from DCFS.  If you are able to help a child, please take an Angel, but be sure to  sign your name next to the number on the clipboard.  On each Angel is the age of the  child and some suggested gift ideas for him/her.  Each gift must be wrapped with the original Angel attached to each gift.  If you purchase more than one gift, you can also place all the wrapped gifts in a bag with the Angel attached to the bag.  Please return the gifts by Sunday, Dec 15th.

If you have questions, contact the church office at 708.301.6998 or email


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