God is Good; All the Time!

 God is Good; All the Time!

 Cross of Glory is so blessed!  God strengthened our faith and empowered us to trust in His goodness.  Together we identified the entanglements that were hindering our ministry.  We did our best to recognize what, exactly, would we need to do in order to reenergize our discipleship journey together.

 One key area that needed to be addressed was financial.  We set a goal of $30,000.  We think that is the minimum that we may need to set up a mortgage fund; address the roof and ceiling issues over the band and altar; and begin to update worship.  Some doubted that $30,000 could be attained, all at one time, so quickly.

 God is good!  We prayed together, talked together, and prayed some more!  And then, together, we stepped up and dug deep.  On Jubilee Sunday, we received gifts that exceed our original goal.  And we assembled close to 150 health kits to send to Lutheran World Relief for distribution around the world.  God is good, and the People of Cross of Glory embraced that in trust for what God has done and will do among us! Thank you very much to all you who support our ministry with your gifts.

And so now we begin to dream together!  What is God calling us to do?  How can we grow our ministry together?  What do we hope that CoG will be like a year from now?  Five years?  What can we do, knowing that when we do as God calls we cannot fail? 

 Dream Big!  Pray.  Talk.  Your ideas and opinions are important.  We will be bringing people together in prayer and conversation as together we deepen our discipleship, trust our faith, and seek to follow where God calls us.

God is good!  All the time!


Pastor Dorothy


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