Holy Communion Classes Begin 2/12/2018

Weekly on Monday (6:00 to 7:00 pm), beginning Monday, February 12 until March 20, 2018

Cross of Glory’s  Holy Communion classes are for those in 2nd grade and up. We cover 
the Sacraments, (Baptism and Communion) which form the root of our faith. They provide us with a tangible means of understanding God’s gift to us.

Baptism celebrates us as children of God. Receiving the sacrament of Communion helps us to nourish and strengthen that relationship. Through Communion we come together as a community to experience how God comes to us through the meal.

We, as a community, want the communion table to always be open. While Cross of Glory practices “Open Communion” (We welcome everyone to the meal! It doesn’t matter if you’re old or oung, Lutheran or not, or even if you attend Holy Communion classes – what matters is that you desire to meet God through this meal.), we also recognize the importance that religious education has on the spiritual advancement of our youth.

The classes will run on Monday nights 6-7:30 pm starting on February 12th and run through March 19th (but no class on February 19th). The first class (2/12/18) will be the Parent/Student Night.

If you are interested please contact the church office. This is a free program!