Inspite of the Rain–We had fun! It just moved inside!


On Saturday, October 1, CoG hoisted, er… hosted… its first Oktoberfest (aptly renamed COG-toberfest), which I believe most attendants would agree was a huge success!

So how did our fest come into being? “The idea came about at council, “ explained Pat Oles. “Bill Nabors came up with COG-toberfest and we all liked it.” What’s there not to like?

“I guess Bill Bavirsha and myself were the main organizers but really it was a collective effort,” continued Pat. “People came up with ideas at the end and just went with them. It couldn’t have happened without Barb Taskey getting a full commitment of the bands, Maria D. and Barb Cochran with the food and catering expertise (also the painted signs and decorations), Bill B. was HUGE!! He brought the party! Tents, grills, charcoal, garbage things, a big sign, the blow up men! Sandy Wilmson, Chuck Fisher, Allen Kirkland made the boo bucket game. I’m afraid that I will forget someone. The Nabors helped the whole time.”

As the recipient of several brats and hot dogs, this writer seconds the kudos to Bill B and his grilling! Still trying to work off the calories…

Many folks commented on – and jumped in during ‘adult time’ – the inflatable bounce house located inside the church. “Pastor Dana pushed for and financed the bounce house,” added Pat. “She came in toward the end of the planning but had many good ideas and brought her own set of kids games which was a great idea. She has an energy to her… Love it!”

In fact, the bounce house was so popular, the previously mentioned ‘adult time’ featured nearly as many ‘older folks’ as the house had children jumping around the rest of the day. Guess people have a lot of nervous energy to work out and thrashing around inflatable walls can provide a heck of a work out!

Because it always seems to rain when you don’t want it to, that Saturday was no exception as storm clouds rolled in early in the morning and threatened much of the day. Did that hinder the day’s activities much? “The decision to move it inside was a good one,” agreed Pat. “I don’t know if the weather affected attendance or not. I think that people came in and out all day.” It also helps that our church is quite large and can accommodate us all!

One thing the weather did effect was the catapult Andy Morin brought. No pumkin’ chuckin’ was possible when the threat of lightening was staring us in the face. Not to mention the mud…

A very special kudos goes out to all the local businesses who donated food for our party. These charitable establishments included: Chesdans, Chili’s, Chick-Fil-A, Costco, Patty B’s, Pelican Harry’s, Pepperidge Farms, Vienna Beef, and Walgreens. “[Many] of the businesses even said they would help next year!” added Pat.

And last but not least in the ‘thanks’ department…was the Homer Fire Department! A few fire fights drove up a large piece of equipment, which, like the bounce house, was as popular with the adults just as much as the children. The officers gave a short tour of the truck and the churchgoers in attendance gave back by blessing the officers and their truck. God bless our fire fighters!

What’s next on the planning board? “Well, if the Cubs go to the Worlds Series… Allen Kirkland would like a beach party!” Pat joked. “And we did a Hawks party last year which was well attended. I’m open to new ideas!! Let me know if you have an idea and we will see what happens!”

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