To be alive is to live the love of Jesus! Love is the heartbeat that pumps life throughout the church. A church that isn’t loving isn’t alive. People of God, we are alive! We are living the love of Jesus! In the short time I have served with you in God’s mission at Cross of Glory, I have seen the love of Jesus alive in you. As you faithfully pray for those in your lives and in the world who need love in their life. As you gather to be filled with Jesus’ love through the gift of his body and blood and grow through learning opportunities. As you have named your fears and honored your hopes for your life, for Cross of Glory, for the world. As you have welcomed new people to your faith family and continue to care for each other in love. And as you have gathered thanksgiving baskets, angel tree gifts and blessing bags to give away the love of Jesus to others.


In the midst of conversation about Cross of Glory’s future, it is evident to your leaders and those whom we have met with from the ELCA that we are alive and filled with the love of Jesus not only for those within our family of faith but those outside of it. In the months ahead, your council and other leaders will be working closely with Rev. Gary Erickson, Assistant to the Bishop & Director of Evangelical Mission for our synod and Rev. Neil Harrison, Program Director for Congregational Renewal as we move forward with a plan for redeveloping the congregation to continue living the love of Jesus and sharing it with others. Cross of Glory is alive! There is excitement and positive energy about the possibilities of the future as we continue living in the love of Jesus!


Thank you for your faithfulness, for the ways you live in love, for the ways you support the ministries of Cross of Glory that spread this love to those who are most in need of receiving it. We would not be alive without each other nor without the love of God flowing in us and through us. Let’s continue to focus on the ways that we are alive, that we Live the Love, that God is at work in and through us. Let’s commit to each other and to God to remain invested in living in love. Part of that investment involves us showing up to receive what we need for life – to be fed and nourished by God in worship and fellowship so that God’s love can flow into us. Part of that investment involves us giving what God has first given us – sharing our gifts and abilities in the life of the congregation and supporting the ministries through financial and in-kind gifts that not only give life to Cross of Glory but in combination with the gifts of other churches give life to the whole world. Part of that investment involves us making time to grow in faith- to learn more about who we are as God’s beloved people and how God wants us to share that love with others; through discipleship and outreach opportunities. To be alive is to live the love of Jesus! Show up to Receive, Give what God has Given You, and Grow in Faith!


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