Meet Pastor Dana O’Brien

Hi Everybody!!
My name is Dana O’Brien and I’m your new pastor. I grew up in Greendale WI, a suburb of Milwaukee (which means I’m a lifelong Packers fan). I have two adult daughters – Courtney who lives in Chicago with her husband and my two-year old grandson, and Michelle, who is doing a psychiatry residency in Tucson. I officially became a pastor in 2010 and prior to that, I was a lawyer at Quarles & Brady, a corporate law firm in Milwaukee. My first call was to Atonement Lutheran Church in Racine WI where I served for almost five years as an associate pastor and mission developer responsible for starting a second worship site. I then served as associate pastor at a larger congregation in Kasson MN for a little over a year.
I like to tell people that I no longer work – since I quit my job at Quarles, my life is one big vacation. I say that because I just love what I do. In addition to sharing God’s love with those I meet, I like to read, watch and play sports (more watching than playing) and walk my two dogs.
I am a strong proponent of the missional church, in which we see ourselves as agents of God’s Kingdom in this world, invited to participate in God’s redemptive work of healing and freeing and blessing all the people God so loves. I already know that I am blessed with a bunch of really gifted people here at Cross of Glory who are more than willing to stretch themselves and get things done, and I look forward to exploring God’s call for us in this community.
Thank you all for making my first couple of weeks here such a welcoming and fun time. I am excited to journey with all of you, as together we increasingly see our faith as relevant to all aspects of our lives, and live as disciples of Jesus wherever we are.

I Need Your Help
One of the hardest things about becoming a new pastor is getting to know everyone in the congregation. And it’s even harder when, like me, you’re just not great with names. So I’m hoping all of you can help me out here.
In an attempt to get to know everyone, I plan to visit as many people as possible over the coming months. And I would really love it if you – yes you reading this right now – would like to be one of the people I visit.
The idea is to sit and chat a bit to help me to get to know you – a little about your family, your likes and dislikes, where you see yourself in a few years, etc. – nothing too difficult. And I’d be happy to share a bit about me too, if you’re interested.
We can meet anywhere you like – your place, my place, some other place like a coffee or fast-food place – wherever works for you. (I’ll even spring for some coffee if that provides an added incentive.) Just give me a call (414-916-3241) or shoot me an email ( and we can set up a time. Thanks!!

Devotions Anyone?
For the last four years, I’ve facilitated a daily email devotions group. The group is made up of people in my prior congregations and those who have heard about it from friends or relatives. Each morning I send out a devotion – usually the devotion is written by someone else and then I comment. Sometimes we focus on particular topics or specific biblical books, and often the weekend devotions address the gospel for that Sunday. We’re always looking for more people to join our group, so if you’re interested just shoot me an email at or give me a call at 414-916-3241.


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