We are a chosen people of God; called into light and gathered in love, redeemed and held by the holy one. We are a chosen people of God. ~ Dakota Road


Thank you for your warm welcome as I have begun ministry with you. Though you will not likely meet my husband Pastor Michael Neel, you will get to know our boys – Leo (8yrs), Aedan (5yrs), and Oliver (3yrs in Jan). Michael and I began our ministry to God’s people as pastors in 2006 and have been blessed by God’s people in all the places we have served. I am looking forward to journeying with you as we explore what it means to be God’s chosen people, following Jesus and working together as his hands and feet, shining as a light in the world and continuing to tell the story of God’s love that has redeemed us and set us free.

In this time of transition at Cross of Glory, know and trust that you and I are held by the holy one, who has called us into light and gathered us in love. Our life together is grounded in the love of Jesus and the light that cannot be overcome by darkness. It is this love of Jesus that sustains us in our lives, that helps us to live out our faith each and every day. It is this love and God at work within us that drives our ministry both within this congregation and outside of it.  Sometimes what God calls us to seems impossible – we don’t have enough time, enough energy, enough money, enough __________, you fill in the blank. The darkness seems to be overwhelming, yet the light continues to shine.

The light shines in God’s chosen people, as we welcome and love others inviting them to experience God’s presence. As we stand by those who are struggling and suffering, and give support and encouragement to one another. As we worship and pray and learn and serve. Take some time this month to reflect on how you see God’s light shining. Share your thoughts with others and invite them to share theirs with you. Give thanks for what God is doing.

I pray for God’s light and love to guide our way as we journey together as partners in the ministry of God’s people at Cross of Glory.

                Although my time with you is limited to Sundays and one day/evening a week – usually Tuesday or Wednesday, know that you can always reach me by email or phone. My email is

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