Swing Choir is coming to CoG on July 7th at 7pm


Mark your calendars on July 7th, 7:00pm to hear an amazing concert. 

Swing Choir Tour is a 30 year tradition a LOMC (Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Center).  Teenagers in 9th thru 12th grades gather at camp for a week to learn songs and dance moves.  That is all the time they have — 1 week!!  Some will have done this before, others will be brand new.  They also take breaks to hike and commune with nature — but mostly, they sing and dance.  Then it is time to take the show on the road. They travel to 8 churches in as many days, though out Illinois.  These young people are ambassadors for camp as well as God’s Word. Through song and dance they spread the word of God. 

We at CoG are blessed enough to have them performing for us on July 7th.  They will arrive around 4:00 in the afternoon.  We will provide them with a home cooked meal and a place to get ready for the show!  Then at 7:00pm they will sing and dance for us!  Afterwards, we will have a short time of fellowship and then send them off to homes for the night.  We ask that they be returned to church early then next morning (usually around 8:00am)

This is where we need help.  We will need to house 7 girls, 3 boys, a director and several counselors. Please consider praying about being a host family.  Alicia Joebgen has details and will be happy to share them with anyone interested. 

Miranda Joebgen sang with this choir for 4 years.

 And take a moment to pray about being a host family.  Please stop me after church one morning and ask me what it’s all about, or shoot Alicia Joebgen an e-mail, ajoebgen@yahoo.com!


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