“The Joy of Stress” Jan 29 6:30pm


Maybe the weather has something to do with it….maybe it’s just the many, many tasks and responsibilities we feel we have to handle…maybe there have been unexpected events in your life: whatever. Do you feel stressed? The holidays are over, and you’re not basking in the glow? Many of you have glimpsed my life and know that the past weeks have been unusually full of stress and chaos.


I could use a good laugh! Couldn’t you?


Come and watch the PBS presentation “The Joy of Stress” at church on
Wednesday, January 29 at 6:30.


We’ll have coffee and popcorn; you may bring snacks to share if you wish. The DVD does give good advice from a well-credentialed professional. Plus, you’ll have a good laugh. And we’ll be done by 8.

This is not a worship service.

This is not a Bible Study.

This is not an event for children.

So, come have a break!

From the Amazon description of the DVD “The Joy of Stress” by Loretta LaRoche:

Loretta shows you how to use humor to de-stress anywhere and anytime. With a little practice, you’ll soon be able to find joy in traffic jams, in the checkout line, at your office, and with your family—even your spouse! Break the negative and irrational thought patterns that cause stress, and turn them into positive, powerful, and productive experiences.

Armed with useful advice, calming exercises, and her trademark wit, Loretta explores how stress affects your body, mind, and spirit, and how laughter can help even “serial sufferers” prevent “hardening of the attitude.” Got stress? Get over it by discovering the joy of stress.

Loretta LaRoche is a nationally recognized speaker on stress management and founder of Humor Potential, Inc. She is also an adjunct faculty member for The Behavior Institute of Medicine, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School.


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