VBS 2013 Coming Soon For ALL of COG!

BY: Nicole Nelson,

VBS Director

It is always such a special week for kids and adults alike. So many of us remember our own VBS experiences and how it shaped our faiths. Kids learn about the Bible and each other in a way they will never forget. Some of those kids are not members, and they will encourage their parents to consider coming and even joining. All because of VBS. And we need everyone’s help to do just that! You don’t even have to be there that week to make an impact.

Our theme this year is Lifted High, inspired by the song Lord I Lift Your Name on High.  Each day will focus on a stanza of the song, related scriptures and how it is a model for life now: lifting up prayer, singing praises, a personal relationship with Christ, salvation through baptism, and sharing the Good News.  We always need adults and teens to lead groups of children to the stations each day.  Can’t volunteer to be there everyday? Story Time will be a little different this year. We are hoping to have a different adult share a little about the main topic each day, whether in person or videotaped.

Not interested in working directly with the kids? Are you crafty? Can you blow up balloons with a pump? We need people to: paint backdrops, blow balloons, string balloons, make tissue paper flowers, and write Bible verses on posters. Then we need help Sunday July 14th setting everything up.

How about donating or letting us borrow something? You just might have these things in the garage! We need: 150 wire clothing hangers, two garden arches, leftover plastic tablecloths, pvc pipe, door hooks that hold wreaths, diaper genie refills, wooden skewers, balloon/bicycle pumps, screen door fabric, balloons, oatmeal containers, ribbon, and dowels. And the sign up for snacks will come soon.

Thanks everyone for helping! Please contact Nicole Nelson or Lora Livingstone for information.