What’s in the bag…lady?


On February 24, a group of 16 CoG ‘bag ladies’ took some time to prepare …get this…87 bags (purses, more or less) filled with care items such as toothpaste, brushes, soaps, and other useful sundries. These bags are intended to be passed out to women in our area who need help. So far, over 30 of these bags have been brought to South Suburban PADs, a women’s shelter in the Palos area. Some are heading to Morningstar Mission in Joliet. Other bags have been passed out to some of the CoG faithful for them to hand out to woman they encounter over the next several weeks who need assistance. Soon, all the bags will find an owner.

Whilst speaking to several individuals of our group seen above, all responded in a similar fashion, “A fun couple hours well spent to help women in our area who desperately need some positive in their life…”  Great job!

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