Women’s Group is Making Blessing Bags January 16 at 7pm

Want to spend a night doing something meaningful? We are blessed with so many comforts that it is easy to forget that the basic necessities of life can be a blessing to many who are experiencing a hard time. Come and join us at church on Saturday, January 16th   at 7 pm to assemble Blessing Bags for those who are spending time in a homeless shelter.

If you have a gently worn purse that you would be willing to donate, bring that to church so we can fill it with supplies. If we don’t have enough purses, we will use zip lock bags.

Please plan to bring at least 12 items. Travel sized items will work well. (You are welcome to contact hotels or hospitals that have surplus personal care supplies that they would be willing to donate.) A partial list is added below:

Please write your name next an item that you would like to bring. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to include them at the end of the list.



Sanitary napkins





Thermal socks

Small First aid kit


Small denomination gift cards


Hand lotion

Antibacterial lotion

Juice boxes

Wet ones

Lightweight snacks (raisins, trail mix packs, granola bars, crackers etc.)


We will be writing notes of encouragement to add to each bag.

Feel free to bring a beverage and an appetizer or dessert to share.

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