Wrapping up Another Successful VBS at CoG!

Recently, Cross of Glory hosted the always successful and very well attended Vacation Bible School, or VBS as we all know it. Each year, volunteers from our church family lead a week of fun and education for local kids, regardless of their church or religion.

This year, the charge was lead by Christine Quemeneur. The scope of BBS? We had 70 kids at VBS ranging from 4 years old to 10 years old. There were 36 volunteers with positions like station leaders, crew leaders, station helpers, technical support person, and opening/closing music leaders. A large group!


“We had five stations at VBS that the kids rotated to and then the opening and closing ceremonies. Each station lasted 20 minutes,” reported Chris. “The stations included a Science/Craft Station where the kids participated in crafts and science experiments like making rock candy, bats, and cave slime. Bible Quest included listening to the Bible Story for the day and participating in fun activities like walking on water and pretending the kids were on a boat. KidVid Cinema was watching a video about a persons real life experience with a God sighting that related to the thought for the day (Example: Jesus gives us Hope, Jesus gives us Courage, Jesus gives us directions, Jesus gives us love).”

“Spelunker Sports and Games were playing games that related to the bible verse of the day and a lot of water was involved!! The fifth station was Cavern Café. The kids would say a prayer and then enjoy the snack for the day. They made trail mix, had strawberry shortcake, pizza and enjoyed ice cream cups and toppings on the last day. This gave the kids time to talk to their leaders and friends.”

As in most years, VBS also had charity in its sights. This year was no exception as Chris, her volunteers, and the kids spearheaded a cereal donation.

“We collected boxes of cereal and monetary donations for the Fish Food Pantry in Lockport. We have always had a great response to charity collections. The kids raised $250 and collected 50 boxes of cereal. That should help out the Fish Food Pantry immensely!” CoG has always excelled in food drives!

Planning and organizing such a huge effort must seem daunting…not to mention pricey.


“Last year and this year we were fortunate enough to receive VBS materials and decorations from Orland Park Christian Reform Church,” replied Chris. “This has really helped to cut down on our expenses. This year we then donated our materials and decorations to New Life Church in New Lenox who is helping out the Salvation Army with their VBS in August.” We’re all about recycling at CoG!

Looking back, how did Chris enjoy her overwhelming-sounding experience?  “I thoroughly enjoyed running VBS,” she said. “It was kind of like Christmas, a lot of work but when it was over I really missed seeing the kids having such a great time! It was stressful getting the program, the volunteers and the decorations together, but I made it through. Laura U. was a huge help and I can’t thank her enough. It would not have been a success without all the volunteers who helped run the program, setup and tear down everything.”

And an added bonus…” Many of the children’s moms on the last day of VBS, informed me of how much fun their kids had all week.”

So…hats off to Chris and her team and a big thanks for a very successful and fun 2016! I’m sure they are all looking forward to next year! I’m sure all the kids’ parents are!


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